Complete USAbat List

Below is a complete list of youth baseball bats with the USABat stamp printed on them (last updated June 15, 2018).

All bats on this list are approved for play in leagues which require this new standard, which goes into effect January 1, 2018 for most recreation leagues in the U.S. In addition to bat name, model number, width, drop, and length range, the list also includes MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).

The stated goal of the USAbat standard is for bats to perform at a wood-like level that will provide for the long-term integrity of the game. For details about the USAbat standard, read New USABat Standard Coming in 2018 elsewhere on this site.

Note that the USA Baseball organization has its own approved bat listing, with fewer columns of information.

The FilterJoe list will be maintained for at least a few months, and possibly much longer if people are willing to help. It will be easier to maintain if anyone who spots an inaccuracy or omission communicates that information to me in the comments below, or via this site’s contact submission form.

If you choose to communicate a correction, please include a link to the source of your information. If I can verify the correction/addition, I will attempt to have a revised version of the database up within 48 hours. Each version of the database will include the revision date as part of the title.

Whenever possible, the information below comes from manufacturer sites. However, not all models are listed on manufacture sites. For example, as of September 8, 2017, Easton’s USAbat list includes the S550 and s650 but not the S150, S250, s350, or s450. With no MSRP for these 4 bat models, I used the first price I found from an online merchant, which may be below MSRP. There may also be more sizes available for these models than what I observed.

I will add to the database any USAbat with a name and model number. This includes both currently available bats and bats for which there is some information about an upcoming release. Some bats will be temporarily out of stock at times, but I will not attempt to track whether a bat is currently in stock. A bat is marked as “available” if it has ever been in stock.

I am open to suggestions for improving formatting or information content. Feel free to leave comments below.

Here’s the list, best viewed using a desktop browser. Click the upper right corner to pop it out onto a separate tab, where you’ll be able to zoom in by hitting the “+” symbol at the bottom. If you see a blank screen below, hit the refresh button on your browser and it will appear.

Download (XLSX, 20KB)

Feel free to download the spreadsheet but please don’t post elsewhere on the web. I think it will be more useful for all if I keep one spreadsheet up-to-date rather than have many versions on many sites, most of which are older versions that are no longer accurate.

Again, I welcome help. Please leave comments below with any inaccuracy you find, including a link to a reputable source of information.

Author: Joe Golton

I’m a dad with a son who loves baseball. Professionally, I’ve been a software developer, investor, controller, and logistics manager. I now make my living from this blog, supplemented with occasional consulting gigs.

7 thoughts on “Complete USAbat List”

  1. Unfortunately, the embedded spreadsheet listing all the bats can not be viewed on an iPhone. Should work fine on any browser using a desktop or notebook.

    I don’t have an Android device so I don’t know if can be viewed on an Android phone.

  2. A site issue forced rolling back the comments database to September 12. There were several comments since then on this post that got lost, but here they all are:

    JM 9/15/17:

    Thanks for putting this file together! Really useful. Just a quick question: where did you see info on the Rawlings Velo -11? I’ve only seen a few bats with -11 and 2 5/8 barrels (Rawlings 5150; Easton Hyperlite; LS Solo 618) so would be interested to know if others will be coming out.

    Joe Golton 9/15/17:

    Hi JM – The usabat site has quite a few bats listed that are not yet available for sale or announced by a manufacturer. The Velo -11 is one such bat (and the information at the usabat site was meager).

    Any named bat with a manufacturer item number I consider for real, regardless of the source. The reason I think this particular Velo is drop 11 is because of the 11 at the end of the item number, which is consistent with the coding on many other Rawlings bats.

    Thanks for putting this file together! Really useful. Just a quick question: where did you see info on the Rawlings Velo -11? I’ve only seen a few bats with -11 and 2 5/8 barrels (Rawlings 5150; Easton Hyperlite; LS Solo 618) so would be interested to know if others will be coming out.

    JM 9/15/17:

    Great thanks.

    JM 9/16/17:

    I was intersted to know when that -11 Velo was going to come out so I emailed Rawlings. They wrote me back this morning and said they are not doing one–just in the 5150.

    Joe Golton 9/16/17:

    JM – Thanks for following up with Rawlings. I’ll correct the -11 Velo on Monday, perhaps by putting “never” in the availability column. I guess they got an prototype that passed USAbat testing but decided not to go ahead with it.

    JM 9/17/17:

    Not to keep going on about this, but look at this:–11-usa-baseball-bat–us8v11/28042?utm_campaign=20170917veloexclusive&utm_source=hs_automation&utm_medium=email&utm_content=56383856&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8Qir4U0Q7FmqYK6HQn43wg9rszLPjA3gtAQTF-fOHHFYYg-X9gNqgW_84hjAcgK1ZdJr9p9aoNwCbiR7oIjQjfoMlzfA&_hsmi=56383856

    But I did get that email from Rawlings. Not sure what the deal is–it is not up on Rawlings website. Sorry for the confusion.

    Joe Golton 9/18/17:

    JM – Perhaps the Velo drop 11 is a justbats exclusive? At any rate, given that Justbats is selling it, I have to mark it as available. Easton also has some bats it sells through third parties, but does not list on its site.

  3. Hey Joe,

    I actually called Rawlings and asked about the Velo -11. The guy I spoke to said that he thought it was odd that Justbats also had a -11 but when he asked his manager about it, they just kind of brushed it off. It almost does look like it is a Justbats exclusive.

  4. Andrew – Marucci does not yet produce any USAbat models. Therefore, no Marucci bats can be used in any rec leagues (i.e. Little League, PONY League, etc.) that started to require USAbat (which began January 1, 2018). Note that most travel ball organizations continue to allow use of BPF 1.15 bats (the old standard) in tournaments.

  5. My son is u8 and has an easton s400 -11 2 5/8 is that legal for play this season?

  6. Joshua – The Easton S400 is a BPF 1.15 bat. If your son is in a rec league, and that rec league requires USAbat, then it is not legal in your son’s league. At the national level, Little League and PONY league started to require USAbat on January 1, 2018. It is possible you local league has made an exception – you’ll have to check with the league officials.

    On the other hand – most travel ball tournaments are still allowing use of BPF 1.15 bats for now.

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