My name is Joe Golton. I’m a dad. My son loves baseball.

I’ve been a professional developer, investor, controller, and logistics manager, among other things. I have a Masters in Computer Science. I now make my living from this blog, supplemented with occasional consulting gigs.

You can find out more about me at LinkedIn.

The initial idea for FilterJoe was to help people learn to deal with information overload, thus the tag line: “Find what you need. Work without distraction.” I changed the tag line to “Youth baseball and other topics” when most of my new 2016-2019 content was related to youth baseball, but starting in 2021 it’s “telling stories based on data.”

Over time, I noticed that people primarily visited my site for in-depth guides and reviews related to browsers, AA batteries and chargers, other technology, and then youth baseball. So for years I wrote more guides, reviews, and other helpful reference information. Guides take substantial time to research and write, which is why I post infrequently.

My aim has always been to write helpful, reference-quality guides—in a form I wish had been available to me when first learning about the topic.

This is a blog, so I can and I do write about whatever I want, which happens to be a wide variety of topics, about topics I feel passionate about.

Starting in 2021, new content will usually involve telling stories based on data, using data science techniques.

FilterJoe generates income primarily via an Amazon affiliation. FilterJoe has also experimented with generating income other merchants, either directly or through an intermediary such as Viglink. This means that I earn a small commission each time you click to Amazon (or occasionally, some other entity) from one of my articles and buy something. Stated in Amazon’s formal langauge, “FilterJoe is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.” These same words reasonably describe other affiliate programs I may experiment with from time to time.

I only recommend items for purchase that I have tried, researched, and believe in myself.

Most of my posts have no links to Amazon or other merchants and therefore earn no income. I choose not to clutter posts or the home page with ads, as I don’t like to distract from content.

For background on how I first envisioned FilterJoe, see my introductory post:

Information Overload or Filter Failure? Introducing FilterJoe