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Subscribing to FilterJoe via RSS has always been an option. Email and Twitter are now two more options.

Why did I wait so long?

Because I’m reluctant to add colorful distractions to a site that specializes in working without distraction. I designed my site for reading.

However, the result has been less engagement than I’d like with my readers. With fewer than 30 posts, FilterJoe now has over 6,000 visitors per per month. This is great! But less than 100 of them subscribe via RSS and most posts have fewer than 5 comments. I’d like more.

So I’m reaching out to my readers. Please consider subscribing to FilterJoe via e-mail, Twitter, or RSS. Please consider sharing your favorite FilterJoe articles anywhere with the share button found at the bottom of posts. And please consider leaving a comment or tweet on any post where you feel you can add an interesting insight or question. I’ll respond to most of them.

Have any other suggestions for getting more people to use, follow, or share FilterJoe? I’m all ears.

Questions and Answers

How often will I post? 0-2 times per week.

Will I post every week? No.

Will I be adding new topics? Yes.

How does this site make money? Primarily from links to Amazon. If you purchase anything at Amazon within 24 hours of following a FilterJoe product link, I get a commission of at least 4%.

Will FilterJoe become yet another distracting web site? I hope not. Here’s how I tried to add noticeable subscription and sharing options to the site without adding a lot of distraction: Individual posts have no colorful icons or other distractions until you get to the bottom of the article. I intend to keep them that way so you can read without distraction. I did add the usual color icons for RSS, Email, and Twitter to pages where people tend to look for them: home, about, and category pages.

Author: Joe Golton

I’m a dad with a son who loves baseball. Professionally, I’ve been a software developer, investor, controller, and logistics manager. I now make my living from this blog, supplemented with occasional consulting gigs.

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