A Great Web Site Design

I am always on the lookout for readable, content-focused WordPress themes. I’m happy to see that a higher percentage of sites of late have been moving in the direction of better readability.

However, I haven’t seen any WordPress designs that better meet my design goals as well as the theme I designed for FilterJoe four years ago.

That is, until today.

UPDATE: This site abandoned the theme I loved so much in favor of a minimalist one-column theme, so my praise and comments below no longer apply. The main column is now too wide for optimal readability, the soothing colors were removed, and the right sidebar is gone. Furthermore, as of December 2015, WordPress finally released a theme that I think is designed superbly for readability: TwentySixteen, the new default theme. I liked it so much that I converted my site to the TwentySixteen theme (see my article on converting to the TwentySixteen Theme).

For the kinds of issues I care about, this theme outdoes FilterJoe in every respect on both the desktop and mobile devices:

A few thoughts on the Elezea redesign

In addition to having an eye soothing color scheme, ample white space, and little clutter, this site has a beautiful font, outstanding typography, and a design that is more pleasantly responsive than any other site I’ve ever seen. Check it out on a phone and you’ll see what I mean:

The future of reading on the web

However, as usual for a WordPress theme I actually like, it’s a proprietary, custom-designed theme. I haven’t been writing much lately so I’m not going to devote the time and effort to redesign my site.

How come free WordPress themes never look this good?

Author: Joe Golton

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  1. I find, that not only web sites have a lot of clutter, but also magazines. All of which gives one a big headache.
    It is nice of you to give a compliment when it is due.

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