Black Friday Specials 1Password and Nook Simple Touch

Two products I’ve discussed on FilterJoe are selling at the lowest prices I’ve ever seen on Black Friday: 1Password (50% off) and the Nook Simple Touch ($79).


1Password is a great password manager. It is especially well suited for those who use primarily Apple iOS or Mac OS X devices, including the iPhone and iPad. All versions are on sale from now through November 30:

AgileBits Thanks-To-You Sale

Note that I receive no commission for any purchases of 1Password or Nooks linked from this post. I just want my readers to know about these great prices.

1Password is one of four password managers I recommend. The best password manager for you will be different depending on whether you use Macs, Windows, a wide variety of devices, or prefer a free (but harder to use) solution. I describe a password manager for each of these scenarios, here:

Which Password Manager?

and an overall guide to password management here:

A Guide to Using Passwords Without Distraction

Nook Simple Touch

The Nook Simple Touch is selling for $79 on Friday, November 23 at Barnes and Noble stores (not online). I wish I hadn’t paid $139 just a few months ago. For help deciding between a Nook and a Kindle, read these two posts:

Nook Simple Touch Review

Nook Simple Touch Firmware Update

Here’s the official deal announcement:

Barnes and Nobles $79 Nook Deal

I’ve been using my new Kindle Touch for a few days and will soon post a detailed review and comparison to the Nook Simple Touch. Here’s my first impressions:

The Kindle Touch user interface and hardware is not as well designed around a touchscreen as the Nook Simple Touch. However, it is a more capable device, because the Kindle platform offers a browser, seamless syncing among devices, more comprehensive PDF support, and most importantly many convenient ways to get data onto the device. My Kindle Touch review will go into much more detail, and perhaps change from this initial impression:

For the moment, my recommendation if you want a touch-based E Ink reading device is to get a Kindle or a Nook:

  • If you want simplicity, various in-store benefits, and you will only be reading text heavy books and PDFs, get the Nook Simple Touch.
  • If you want additional capabilities, get the Kindle Touch. However, if you like the Kindle platform you may be happier with Kindle keyboard models, for which the user interface is better suited.

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